Mobile Home Renovation Ideas: Recycling a Mobile Home Chassis

This article originally appeared on Mobile and Manufactured Living by Crystal Adkins on January 15th, 2014.

Recycling a mobile home chassis or frame is a great way to help the environment and your wallet. You can build trailers to haul with, a small home or studio, or you can do what this creative builder did and create a new workshop!

This avid woodworker took a dilapidated mobile home and with a little salvaging, and recycling the mobile home chassis, ended up with a great workshop to house his wood working tools. It’s a great design and a great example of the unlimited possibilities that all mobile homes have, even those that have been completely destroyed or damaged.

I found this awesome recycle on, a forum site for woodworkers where projects are shared and questions are happily answered about all things wood. Lots of great information is available and there’s a lot of gorgeous wood designs scattered throughout the site. I immediately liked this one because it reused something that some don’t think to reuse – mobile home chassis or frames.

The user named Sillac shared this wonderful build. He writes, “My shop is built on the the frame of an old mobile home (got it for free, I manage a Mobile Home Community and it was one that was so far gone that we were going to demo it, so I saved the bones) that was 60 feet long, I cut it down to 48 feet and it is 13 1/2 feet wide on the outside.”

Shop, Front double doors and loading dock, hard to see the wheels and tires near the back, looking forward to getting a good coat of paint on it.  This was built on an old mobile home frame and someday I will take it with me or sell it or give it to one of the grandkids.

This workshop would be perfect for a home! The sloped roof is one of the most simple roof designs available. The monotone tan siding is low cost, yer very durable, and the punch of orange for the front door makes this workshop modern and fresh. It’s amazing what you can come up with using a little innovation!
mobile home chassis recycling
Here’s the old mobile home getting torn down.
mobile home chassis rebuild
Here’s the workshop getting built!
mobile home chassis recycling
mobile home recycled into workshop
The interior is spacious and perfect for a wood workers tools.
interior of workshop
I do want to advise that if you plan on building another home on an old mobile home chassis that you do thorough research. There could be laws against it in your area and insurance may be hard to get. Also, some chassis are curved for each make or model of a manufactured home. Differences in weight and layout require different curvature so not all frames are the same.