Easy Heat Heat Tape

Easy Heat Heat Tape 300' Roll

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Product ID: HT-2306
Weight: 15
Dimensions: 13x8x13

Price: $540.00 Each

Product Features


Easy Heat Heating Cable 300’ Roll
EasyHeat Freeze Free™ heating cables featuring a special self-regulating core that adjusts according to the surrounding temperatures to ensure the right amount of heat when and where it is needed.

Additional Details

Since this cable regulates its own heat output, it reduces power consumption, and a thermostat may not be necessary for some freeze protection applications. It also means that the cable can be safely overlapped when installed on plumbing pipes, valves or flanges. Operating on 120 Volts AC, Freeze Free™ cables are suitable for use on plastic and metal water pipes up to 2-inches in diameter. The cable is available on reels in lengths of up to 500 feet and can be cut to the correct length for the specific application. A rugged metal braided jacket provides an electrical ground as well as protection against damage.

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