Frostex Heat Tape

Frostex 100' Roll of Heat Tape

Product ID: HT-21021
Weight: 6
Dimensions: 10x10x10

Price: $185.00 Each

Product Features

                                                                                                                                            50 FEET MAXIMUM PER PLUG KIT

Frostex Heating Cable 100' Roll
FROSTEX is a name you have come to trust for keeping exposed water lines from freezing. You will need to know the type of pipe you will use the Frostex heat tape on, whether plastic of metal, the diameter of the pipe, as well as the lowest expected air temperature, and the number of valves and spigots. Example would be 1" PVC pipe 23' long with one ball valve protecting for -20 degree F would require 23' x 2 = 46' + 1' for the valve area and 1' for the plug in needed.

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