Hot Water Tanks

30 Gallon Mobile Home Sealed Combustion (Direct Vent) Water Heater

Product ID: HW-0130DV
Weight: 160
Dimensions: 40x27x64

Price: $829.95 Each

Product Features

  • 6-Year Limited Tank/Parts Warranty
  • Mobile Home & HUD approved
  • Dimensions: 18” diameter x 56” tall; 119 lbs

Additional Details

Convertible Gas Control

  • The gas control is convertible for natural or propane gas, which allows for flexible installations in manufactured housing.

Fused Ceramic Shield

  • A tough, thick, durable coat of blue ceramic is fused to the tank’s interior surfaces at 1600°F, forming a corrosion-resistant lining for years of dependable protection and use.

Non-CFC Foam Insulation

  • The tank is surrounded by a thick coat of non-CFC polyurethane foam to trap heat inside the tank, saving energy.

T&P Valve

  • The valve is conveniently located on the side of the tank to facilitate piping to a drain or external to the building. It is also available with top a T&P opening for field installation.

3/4” Top Water Connections

  • A side cold water inlet and top hot water outlet is included.

1/2” Gas Connection

Aluminized Steel Multiport Burner

  • This part is used for even flame distribution, quiet operation and high-efficiency combustion.  All models use standing pilot light for ignition.

Combination Thermostat/ECO

  • This thermostat comes with a factory-preset pressure regulator and a built-in milli volt-powered energy cutoff for overheat protection.

Anode Rod

  • This rod is a top-mounted, heavy-duty anode for added tank protection, extending the life of the tank.

Drain Valve

  • This product is CSA International certified, and meets California code approvals for NOx emissions.

Code Approvals

  • It comes with a non-metallic, corrosion-resistant drain valve.
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