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Revolv Hot Surface Ignition Gas Furnace 70,000 BTU

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Product ID: FM-5570
Weight: 210
Dimensions: 48x40x86

Price: $930.00 Each

Product Features

Revolv RG1 80% AFUE Gas Furnace
70,000 BTU Input - 57,000 BTU Output - 80% AFUE Rating


Dimensions - 19 ¾” Width x 23 ¾” Depth x 76” Height

Automatic Hot Surface Ignition - Designed in the USA.


WARRANTY: 2 year parts, 1 year labor & 10 year heat exchanger


SEALED COMBUSTION - Vents exhaust gases directly outdoors and draws in outside fresh air for combustion.
MODERN HOT SURFACE IGNITION - No pilot lights to blow out.
LOW MAINTENANCE - Sealed bearings on motors, Reliable Controls and burners.
ZERO CLEARANCE FEATURE - Allows these furnaces to be installed where space is a premium.
BUILT-IN COIL CABINET - is design-matched to work in
conjunction with heat pumps and air conditioners, providing ease of installation and highly efficient operating performance.
AIR CONDITIONER READY - RG1 models have blowers
capable of handling up to 3 tons of air conditioning.
APPLIANCE QUALITY METAL DOOR - Baked enamel finish for long life and easy cleaning.

Additional Details

The new RG Revolv Series Gas Furnace is actually two systems in one. As a powerful air handler is can handle up to 3 tons of cooling. Different Coil Cabinet will provide 3 tons of cooling. As a gas furnace, its range of heating capacities makes it a perfect match for the heating requirements of almost any manufactured home.

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