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Nordyne/Miller/Intertherm Exterior Roof Jack Extension (5 3/8in) (FM-901937)

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Product ID: FM-901937
Weight: 5
Dimensions: 9x9x18

Price: $45.95 Each

Product Features

This extends the crown of the roof jack up an extra 16" to clear drifting snow or down drafts, which may cause pilot outages. The extension consists of two pipes. The inside pipe has a diameter of 5 1/2" on one end and 5 3/8" on the other end. The outside pipe has a diameter of 8 1/2" on one end and 8 3/8" on the other. Screws are included.

Note: The extension must be installed above the roofline. Connections cannot be inside attics.

Note: This extension can be used on above roof jacks and on roof jacks found on models M1, MBHA, MGBA, MGBB, MGHA, MGHB, MMBA, MMBB, MMHA, MMHB, MSBA, MSBB, MSHA and MSHB. 

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