Roof Jacks & Extensions.

Nordyne/Miller/Intertherm Sloped Roof Jack 21-35in (FM-903662)

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Product ID: FM-903662
Weight: 32
Dimensions: 17x17x46

Price: $129.95 Each

Product Features

This roof jack has an all-weather crown for a 3/10 or steeper roof slope. It is adjustable from 21" to 35" when measured from the roof (not ceiling) to the top of the furnace.  Installation instructions are included. The outside pipe is 8 3/8" which fits over about an 8 1/4" pipe on the furnace. The inside pipe is 5 1/8" which fits over about a 5" pipe on the furnace. 

Note: This 9036 series roof jack is used on almost all Nordyne gas furnaces that are MGHA or newer. Models included are M1, MBHA, MGBA, MGBB, MGHA, MGHB, MMBA, MMBB, MMHA, MMHB, MSBA, MSBB, MSHA and MSHB. Roof jacks are no longer available for MGH or MAC furnaces. 

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