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Thermo Pride SRJ-2/TRJ-2 Roof Jack 13-24 in (FM-104060003)

Product ID: FM-104060003
Weight: 29
Dimensions: 15x15x41

Price: $169.95 Each

Product Features

SRJ2 / TRJ2 roof jacks fit all Thermo Pride furnaces with 4" vent pipes. It must be installed on a flat surface. To install on a pitched roof, order the correct sloped roof adapter that corresponds with the pitch of your roof. The barrel of the roof jack must hang below the ceiling and connects to vent pipe (available separately), which extends up from the furnace. Adjustments are made by sliding the 4" vent pipe up and down inside the roof jack. The size of the roof jack is determined by measuring the distance from the ceiling to where the flange sets on the roof. This kit includes ceiling trim plates. 

Note: This jack is designed for roof cavities (ceiling to roof line) of 13” to24” and is compatible with GMD, OMC and OME series furnaces.

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