Skirting 14 x 80 Home (ONLINE PRICE ONLY)

Product ID: Vinyl Skirting Package For Your Mobile Home

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Weight: 150
Dimensions: 144x18x16

Price: $696.00 Each
Sale Price: $625.00 Each

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Mobile Home 14' x 80' Vinyl Skirting Package

All you need to add skirting to your 14' by 80' mobile home.  This skirting package includes the appropriate number of each type of pieces you need to completely skirt your house.  Remember to measure the height from the base of your mobile home to the ground, then select from the height options above.  ( HARDWARE KIT SOLD SEPERATE )

Manufactured Home 14' x 80' Vinyl Skirting Package

  • 13 pieces of regular top front
  • 4 pieces of top front you must notch for corners
  • 17 pieces of top back
  • 17 pieces of ground track


  • Number of skirting panels depends on the average height from the ground to bottom of your manufactured home:
    • 24 inch height : 24 panels
    • 28 inch height : 30 panels
    • 36 inch height : 37 panels
    • 48 inch height : 48 panels
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