Skylights for Mobile Homes

Fox Lite 24in x 48in Double Pane Emerald Mobile Home Skylight

Product ID: SL-2448FD3
Weight: 12
Dimensions: 34x58x4

Price: $129.95 Each

Product Features

  • Water Channel
    • Our innovative design channels water away from skylight and prevents leaks
  • Polycarbonate Panes
    • Unbreakable polycarbonate panes protect against damage and intrusion
  • Anti-Fogging
    • Unique ventilation system prevents fogging and condensation
  • UV Protection
    • High-tech engineered polycarbonate blocks over 97% of ultra-violet light
  • Energy Efficient
    • Multi-pane construction provides maximum insulation
  • Easy Installation
    • Skylight comes with pre-punched flanges and is complete and ready to mount over roof opening of metal or sloped (3:12) pitch or greater) roof
  • Tinted Outer Pane
    • Heavy polycarbonate in rich, smoke color. The tinting reduces unwanted solar gain and fading 

Additional Details

  • Mobile Home Skylight
  • 24" x 48" Double Pane
  • Emerald Design
  • (maximum opening 22-1/4" x 46-1/4")
  • (flange-flange 29-1/4" x 53-1/4") 

F3 Series

Surface mount skylights are easy and quick to install. They mount flat on the roof deck. We offer them is two styles, the FE and the F3. The F3 has anti-siphon ridges molded in a narrower flange. Both are one piece seamless construction made from unbreakable polycarbonate. Both provide a reliable waterproof installation when installed in accordance with our instructions. These skylights have been proven over 15 years and in 1.5 million installations. Many skylights of this style have caused problems for other manufacturers. Fox surface mount skylights Do Not Leak and carry a limited life time warranty. These skylights are applicable for shingled or metal roofs on manufactured homes or RV's. 

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