5 Incredible Mobile Home Renovation Ideas

This article originally appeared on Do It Yourself.

Updating your mobile home is a wonderful way to both increase its value and give it that personal touch. This article describes five of the most popular mobile home renovation ideas.

1. Re-do Wood Paneling

Wood paneling is a design felony. Although this was very popular decades ago, today it is just a sign of a dated interior. Fortunately, there are several inexpensive fixes that can update your panel without removing it.

Depending on the color, wood paneling can be painted, creating a country look for your mobile home. Or, if you like the look of wood paneling, you can treat it in order to bring out its grainy quality. Apply grease directly to the panels to draw out the wood’s natural color and give it a brighter, more sophisticated look. You can also sand the surface to lighten the wood, significantly improving the overall look.

If you're up for a bigger project, you can remove the paneling altogether and replace it with simple drywall. Whatever you choose, improving the appearance of wood paneling can really transform the interior of your mobile home.

2. Confront Ceiling Issues

The ceiling of a mobile home can be problematic for a number of reasons. Most mobile home roofs are flat, allowing water to collect in places. It will eventually drip onto the ceiling, causing unsightly water damage and rot.

Dealing with roof drainage issues and repairing the ceiling is more a matter of necessity than decor, although the aesthetic improvement will be dramatic as well. Removing the stains will brighten the area and increase hygiene and safety standards for those using the mobile home. It is, however, a task that should be tackled by a professional, as specialist treatments may be required.

If the ceiling can support the additional weight, your interior can get a fresh, new look, as well as more air circulation and cooling, with a ceiling fan.

3. Update the Fixtures

Replacing fixtures such as doorknobs, handles, and faucets can bring your mobile home into the current decade. Before doing so, ensure that the fixtures you choose are suitable for mobile homes. Some fixtures differ greatly between mobile homes and conventional houses.

4. Remove Walls

An advantage of mobile homes is that there are rarely any load-bearing walls or beams, which means removing walls to gain extra space is a relatively easy task. Remodeling the interior by removing walls can transform cramped, claustrophobic spaces into a fresh design.

5. Add a Screened-in Porch

If space permits, a screened-in porch is an excellent renovation idea. These porches offer new living space to the home and provide a place to host outdoor parties and events. Having an addition such as this can go a long way to making your mobile home feel less like one.

Tackling one or more of these renovation projects can transform even the most dowdy of mobile homes into a fresh, revitalized, and welcoming space.