Comparing Star Supply’s Best Mobile Home Furnaces

If you’re looking for the best mobile home furnaces in the business, you’ve come to the right place. A few months ago, we looked at everything you need to consider before repairing and replacing a mobile home furnace. This month, we are going to delve into our own product catalog here at Star Mobile Home Supplies to help you find a model that suits your needs. 

Understanding BTUs

Quick note — many mobile home furnace brands offer the same model in different outputs, measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). Without getting too into how BTUs are calculated (it involves heating a pound of liquid water at a specific density), remember that a higher BTU model can either heat a larger space or heat a smaller space quicker. 

How many BTUS do I need?

The number of BTUs you need out of your mobile home furnace depends on square footage and climate. If you dwell in a milder climate, you’ll require 25 to 30 BTUs per square foot. If you deal with cold, fierce winters, you should plan for up to 45 BTUs per square foot. Take the total number of BTUs needed and multiply by a factor of 0.8 — efficiency varies from model to model, but the actual output of most furnaces is 80 percent of its listed output. 

Best mobile home gas furnace

Thermo Pride CMA

Thermo Pride has a long-standing reputation for HVAC excellence spanning over 7 decades. Its CMA model ranks among the best mobile home gas furnaces in the industry. It is one of the most energy efficient gas furnaces (95 percent) you can buy for your mobile home, featuring a 22-gauge powder coated cabinet for durability, a silicon nitride igniter to keep the unit lit consistently, and a 4-speed direct blower to keep operation down to a murmur. 

Revolv MG1E series

For the average mobile home, you can’t go wrong with the low-maintenance and reliable  Revolv MG1E. Like all the best gas mobile home furnaces, it utilizes sealed combustion technology — air from the outside is drawn into the combustion chamber through one PVC pipe, exhaust is sent out through another. The entire process is sealed-off from the air within the home, which has numerous advantages —  among them less dryness, more safety, and more efficiency. It’s set up for a natural gas fuel source out of the box, but includes a propane conversion kit if needed. 

Best mobile home oil furnace

Thermo Pride OME 72-D

Thermo Pride is also highly regarded for crafting some of the best mobile home oil furnaces right here in the USA, such as the Thermo Pride OME 72-D. This furnace features modern controls, an insulated blower compartment, and the company’s 16-gauge aluminized steel Octatherm heat exchanger. The Octatherm’s revolutionary patented eight-sided design is renowned for the uniformity of its surface heating and efficiency. 

Best electric furnace for mobile home 

Revolv E7 series

Revolv E7 electric mobile home furnaces are best for smaller or medium-sized mobile homes with all-electric setups. No matter the wattage, you’re guaranteed efficiency thanks to the multi-speed ECM (electronically commutated motor) blower motor, which varies speed and airflow based on data from the unit’s control system. Built-in circuit breakers contribute to added peace of mind in the event of outages, and an included AC coil cabinet allows for pairing with a compatible split A/C system during the summer months.

Shop Star Supply

At Star Mobile Home Supply, we only carry products we fully stand by and believe in. When you purchase a Thermo Pride, Revolv, or Nordyne mobile home furnace (or any other part or piece of equipment) from us, you can rest assured it is the best out there at a fair, affordable price. Now that you’re warmed up, browse our full inventory. 


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