The Basics of Replacing Your Mobile Home Bathtub

Standing water on the bathroom floor?  More often than not, a mobile home bathtub replacement is a necessity, not a luxury. And when that need arises, Star Mobile Home Supply has the top-rated, high-quality mobile home bathtub to fill the void. Imagine coming home after a long day’s work and without a relaxing bath to rejuvenate and recharge. Aside from being essential for good hygiene, bathing is an important ritual for soothing the body and soul — a routine that despite being repeated daily never gets old.

When your bathtub is leaking, cracked, and/or stained, it’s a telltale sign that you need a replacement. Those cracks and crevices are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and sustained water damage can have a devastating impact on the structural integrity of your mobile home. 

Choosing a replacement mobile home bathtub

When replacing your mobile home bathtub, we advise that you let your bathroom’s current layout be your guide. Replumbing and reconfiguring your bathroom will add to both your cost and your stress, so it’s better to choose a tub that is guaranteed to seamlessly fit and function with your existing setup.

Corner tub or standard tub?

If you favor a more luxurious, spa-like vibe or consider yourself more of a “bath person” than a shower person, a corner tub may be right for you. Ease up and sink in — just be aware that you may have more difficulty accommodating the “shower people” in your life if you go this route.

Acrylic or fiberglass?

Mobile home bathtubs are generally constructed from one of two materials — fiberglass (interwoven glass strands heated into form) or acrylic (multilayered fiberglass-reinforced plastic sheets). Acrylic models generally offer more than their fiberglass counterparts in terms of style while demanding less in terms of maintenance, but both types of tubs are widely available and fairly inexpensive.

Shower surround or no shower surround?

Depending on your bathroom’s layout and size (as well as your own personal preferences), you might opt for a standalone bathtub or choose to include a shower surround. Surrounds are partial walls with shelves, or nooks for soaps, sponges and all your bathroom accessories.  Generally speaking, surrounds will conform with the standard mobile bathtub size of 27”x54”

Drain location

Use your existing plumbing as a guideline when selecting your tub to ensure that it aligns perfectly. You can choose from a left, right, center, or a rear-center drain depending on the location of your drainage pipe. 


Now that practicality is out of the way, remember that your bathroom is meant to be your “happy place”, and feel like your very own spa. Therefore, we highly recommend selecting a tub that matches your preferred style and color palette. For a sleeker, more modern look, choose a white replacement tub. For a more vintage look and feel, you might opt for an almond-colored replacement tub. 

Replacement mobile home bathtubs from Star Supply

Star Mobile Home Supply is proud to carry affordable mobile home bathtub models from top manufacturers such as Kinro and Clarion. Replacement bathtub installation can be one of the easiest, hassle-free ways to upgrade your mobile home. Browse our inventory and get started today.