7 Small-Space Decorating Tips

This article originally appeared on Country Living by Rebecca Shinners on June 11th, 2015. 

When it comes to tiny house living, sometimes we feel like we've seen it all, from micro castles to converted school buses. But then we saw this colorful little mobile house! Dubbed the Toy Box Tiny Home, this 140-square-foot trailer is full of pops of color and seriously smart decorating decisions, all designed with eco-friendliness in mind. Even if you aren't ready to trade your home in for a tiny trailer just yet, this cute abode offers up some major space-saving storage ideas that you can co-opt for your own small spaces:

1. Color-blocked walls open up a room.

Thanks to color-blocked walls painted different pastel shades, the room appears to be more spacious than it actually is. These soft tones break up more rustic, neutral wooden areas, bringing light into the home.

2. Create storage space inside of functional necessities.

Look closely at this kitchen area and you'll see that what might look like a cooking counter and dinner table are actually so much more. Shelving is strategically placed underneath the cook space, the perfect place to keep colorful cookbooks. Meanwhile, what look like plush seats at the dining table are actually storage cubes.

3. Cover up built-in storage shelves to keep the space from looking cluttered.

This kitchen really does have endless storage potential—what at first looks like a plain wall is actually a built-in cabinet. Extending throughout the entire wall, it has different shelves to fit food and larger kitchen appliances. Outlets and a thermostat are concealed within the unit as well.

4. Install folding furniture.

Need more space to move around while you're cooking? When the dining "desk" isn't in use, it can be folded up and stored away.

5. Keep your color palette simple.

In a small space, you may want to stay away from introducing too many patterns or shocking hues. This interior is visually interesting without being overbearing because it sticks to the same few pastel colors on the walls and in small details like dishes.

6. Creating a lofted sleeping nook.

If you don't have a lot of space in a tiny bedroom, a loft area can be the perfect solution. This one fits a king size bed and is accessible by ladder.

7. Double your bathroom space by transforming the wash area into a full shower.

The best way to make a tiny bathroom more interesting? Paint it a pretty color! This sink area doubles as a shower thanks to a retractable faucet and a drain on the floor.