Try as we might, few things truly last forever. That’s especially true when it comes to owning a home. But one of the advantages of owning a mobile home is that they are modular, meaning that their parts are fairly universal and can easily be swapped in or out. This can make doing repairs or updating your mobile home easy and simple. 

Still, shopping for mobile home replacement parts can seem intimidating if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Mobile homes make great residencies, but they are different from conventional homes and it’s important to know the differences. We compiled this mobile home repair guide to help lead you through the process.

Mobile home parts vs. conventional home parts

Mobile homes and stick-built homes can look similar, however when it comes to buying parts for home repairs, knowing the difference between them can ensure you’re buying the right product. Typically, mobile homes have standard sizes and dimensions. For example, when you’re doing a bathroom remodel and you’re looking to replace your shower surround, most mobile home replacement parts will conform to the standard bathtub size of 27”x54”.

The best way to ensure that you’re buying a mobile home part is to buy from a source that specializes in supplies for mobile homes. Searching through a large selection can be overwhelming in and of itself, let alone having to distinguish if that part fits your mobile home. Star Mobile Home Supplies has a variety of collections to browse from and you can rest assured that our products are tailored for your specific home. All you have to do is ensure your dimensions are correct!

Parts for the most common mobile home repairs

Mobile home skirting 

Skirting doesn’t only add a cosmetic touch to your mobile home, but it also acts as a protective barrier. Skirting can guard your home against inclement weather, unwanted pests, as well as provide you with insulation.

When shopping for parts to replace your skirting, you’ll first need to figure out your desired skirting in the case of a full replacement or locate a match for your current skirting. After that, you can gather up the rest of the tools you’ll need for this repair, such as:

Mobile home door replacement

It’s unwise to hold off on a necessary door replacement. If your door isn’t opening or closing properly or if it gives your home an unnecessary draft, you may need to replace either the hinges of your door or the door itself. When replacing your door, you need to consider what type of door you’re replacing, as they all have different functions. Here we listed out the different types of replacement doors we have available to buy for your mobile home:

Interior Doors

All of our interior replacement doors are manufactured by Jeld-Wen, a premier name in mobile home-friendly doors. Each door is tailored to suit any inside space and is made with an oak finish.

Outswing Doors 

Star Mobile Home Supplies outswing doors are perfect if you need to remedy a broken door fast. We offer a variety of styles to suit any exterior aesthetic.

Screen Doors

We offer a conventional storm door, also known as a screen door. This door acts as a protective barrier and can be an add-on for a pre-existing outswing door.

Combination Doors

Our combination doors consist of a conventional door, as well as a screen. These doors are perfect for mobile home locations with all seasons, as they accommodate both warmer and cooler climates within a single product. 

Some other items you’ll need to repair your door are:

With Star Mobile Home Supply, our replacement doors come with instructions on how to install them. Once you receive your shipment, all the necessary to-do’s will be at your doorstep.

Mobile home bathroom repairs

In some cases, making repairs to your bathroom may be as easy as adding some new caulking. Other times it may be a bigger bathroom remodeling project. If you do find yourself having to replace a bathtub surround or shower pan, here are some of the items you’ll need to complete your repair:

Tips for buying mobile home parts online

Having to navigate your way through thousands of options when it comes to mobile home repair parts can be overwhelming. Because your modular home is different than a conventional house, here are some tips you can use when making a purchase:

  1. Make sure that you know what mobile home repair parts and accessories you actually need by the part number. Products typically have these on the back of the appliance or any documentation that came in the packaging of your purchase.

  2. Be aware of any shipping or return policies. This can make your experience buying online a lot easier. We made it clear for you to know exactly what to expect when you buy from Star Mobile by laying out our shipping and return policies.

  3. Asking questions when buying online can quickly clarify anything that seems confusing. Star Mobile is always willing to help make your online experience easier. Just give us a call at 1-800-652-4126 or contact us online and we’d be happy to help!

Make your mobile home repairs easy with Star Mobile Home Supply

At Star Mobile Home Supply, we offer a huge selection of items that are bound to leave you satisfied, whatever your need may be. Our wide variety of mobile home replacement parts fit most standard mobile homes so that shopping doesn’t have to take you too long or leave you too burnt out. Take a look at the many products we offer and choose Star Mobile Home Supply for your next mobile home repair.


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