How to Keep Mobile Homes Cool in the Summer

This article originally appeared on eHow by J. Johnson

Mobile homes can be a fine option for some individuals, couples and families. Mobile homes offer a community environment within mobile home parks, and they are generally cheaper than a traditional home while allowing you to have your own property, unlike most apartments. However, they can often overheat in the summertime. With all these benefits, you should not let the weather stop you from living in a mobile home. There are ways to keep your mobile home cool in the summer.

  • Replace the air filter in your mobile home's air conditioning system if you have one as recommended by the manufacturer. Also, clean out your air conditioning system or have it serviced once a season to improve performance.

  • Run portable fans inside your mobile home to circulate the air. This helps to drop the temperature inside in the summertime.

  • Add heavy shades or drapes to the window treatments inside your mobile home, and keep them closed when the sun is at its brightest. Keeping out the sun will keep your mobile home cooler.

  • Put sunscreens on the windows in your mobile home. This will help to block heat from the sun and cool down your mobile home all summer long.

  • Install heat-reflecting film on the windows of your mobile home. This film, like sunscreens, helps to block out heat from the sun, thus dropping the temperature inside your mobile home.

  • Place awnings over the top of your windows from the outside. This will shade your mobile home and reduce the heat from the sun even more.

  • Run a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity level inside your mobile home. Humid air will raise the temperature and make your mobile home feel hotter. Less humidity will make the air feel cooler and lighter.

  • Avoid using the oven during the hottest parts of the day. The oven will quickly increase the temperature inside your mobile home during the summer.