How to Level a Mobile Home

Originally published on doityourself

A level mobile home can shift due to a variety of conditions including weather, soil movement, and time. Shifting of the home can lead to leveling issues which can affect how securely doors and windows will open and close. If shifting issues are happening, and doors and windows have become difficult to close or lock, the mobile home may need to be made level again.

Step 1 - Safety

Wear protective eye wear and work gloves when working under the mobile home. Be sure there is someone nearby in the event that there is an emergency.

Step 2 - Removing Skirting

Remove the skirting from around the base of the mobile home and loosen the tie down straps.

Step 3 - Checking the Level

Begin at the center of the mobile home. Place the level at the center of the beam. Check the level near the closest support under the home. Check the level tool to see if the bubble in it is resting in the center. If it is, move the level down the beam to the area near the next support.

Check the bubble to see if that area is level. Continue to the end of the beam. When a length of the beam has been checked from the center to the end, return to the center of the beam to check the level of the other end of the home. Be sure the level tool is placed near the supports.

Step 4 - Raising the Beam

If the level tool indicates that there is a part of the home that is not sitting level, use the jack to raise it to the necessary height. Place a piece of wood under the jack to support it. Raise the jack until the bubble in the level rests at the middle. You will see a space between the support for the beam and the beam itself.

Step 5 - Using Shims

Slide the shims into the space between the support and the beam. If necessary, use a hammer to secure the shim. Lower the jack so that beam rests on the shims. Check the bubble in the level again. Continue this process in any areas along the beam where the bubble in the level does not sit in the middle.

Step 6 - Checking the Lines

Be sure that none of the plumbing or water lines have become damaged or disconnected in the process of the shifting or leveling of the mobile home. If there are plumbing line issues, immediately note them. They will have to be repaired.

Step 7 - Reattaching the Skirting

Tighten the tie straps and reattach the skirting around the mobile home.