How to Replace a Mobile Home Window

Originally published on doityourself

Mobile homes will require some level of maintenance and repair in order to ensure that they will provide many years of use. There will probably come a day when a window in your mobile home will need to be replaced. It can be a very manageable task in which you can complete yourself if finances don't permit you to hire a professional. Follow these steps to easily and quickly repair a broken window in your mobile home.

Step 1 - Measurements and Fittings

Start by measuring your window. Ensure that your new window is exactly the same size and the one that you are replacing. If it's slightly too big, it simply won’t fit. If the window is too small, you risk letting in wind and rain. 
Check how your window is mounted. If it is flush mounted, it will screw on over the siding. If it's a lap-siding mount, the screws will cover the window frame screw holes. It's important to check the type of mount because that will make the installation easier and also ensure that all your windows look the same. You might need to contact a mobile home manufacturer because they will be able to advise where to purchase the correct window for your home.

Step 2 - Remove Window

Using a drill, carefully remove all the screws that hold the current window in place. Once the screws have been removed, carefully take the window and its frame. Do not re-use these old screws, as they will be worn. Use new screws that are the same diameter and length as the old screws instead.

Step 3 - Clear Putty or Sealant

Remove all the old putty from the window frame. Try to ensure that it is all gone. Use a wire brush if necessary to completely clean the area. Once all the old putty is gone, start to apply new putty to the window frame. You should apply two layers of putty at the top of the opening. That will provide an extra layer of protection against moisture.

Step 4 - Getting Started

To insert your new window, first insert one new screw into the middle hole on each side of the window frame. Try to ensure that the screws go in straight, but do not tighten them until all of the screws for the window are in place.

Step 5 - Check for Square and Finish

Before inserting more screws into the frame, check to make sure that the window is square and that it can be opened and closed without any bending. Once you are satisfied with your window, insert the corner screws and any other remaining screws. Tighten them all.

Step 6 - Final Touches

Run a sealant in a line along the window where it meets the sliding. Test the window once more to ensure that it opens without bending and that it is still square.