Mobile Home Tip: Stop Vinyl Skirting From Blowing Away

This article was originally published on by Mark Bower

Vinyl is the most popular type of skirting because its inexpensive and installs quickly. However, if you're having trouble with the wind blowing away the panels, then try these tips for keeping it put.

First: Add extra nails to the bottom track. If you are landscaping up against the skirting, then support the track from behind with a treated 2x4 secured in place.

Second: Drive screws through the bottom track into the skirting panels. Drive a screw every other panel.

Finally: Install wind rods. These are stiff metal bars that slide into the seam of the vinyl skirting and hook up underneath the top lip of the top track. The wind rods help secure the panels without the need for screws at the top. You do not want to use screws at the top of your panels. The panels need to float freely in the top track to prevent buckling as the seasons change.