Mobile Home Tub Surround Buyers’ Guide

Looking to install a new bathtub in your mobile home? There are a few things to consider first. Of course, color and style will impact your final choice but there is another big decision you’ll have to make. Should you buy a standalone tub or one with a surround?

Keep reading to find out the special features of a mobile home tub surround and how these differ from a shower surround. You’ll also get some pointers on how to choose the right bathtub surround for your mobile home.

Mobile Home Tub Surround Features and Perks

Mobile home tub surrounds are functional while letting you add your personal style to your mobile home bathroom. Here are a few of the benefits you get when you opt for a bathtub surround.

A tub surround protects your walls.

What’s perhaps the biggest advantage of installing a surround for a mobile home bathtub? Preventing water damage to your home from the routine task of taking a bath. Mobile home water damage is no joke! Correcting water damage can be time-consuming. It can also be costly (think in the $3,000 range).

Many problems related to water damage won’t become apparent until months (or even years) down the road. Leaks and stains may just be the beginning of your problems. Think about what happens when mold and rot set in.

A tub surround can accommodate shower fixtures.

Mobile home bathtubs are great for taking relaxing baths. There will be times, however, when you would prefer to have a shower. The thing is, you need to protect your walls if you are going to do that. A mobile home tub surround can accommodate shower fixtures, giving you options when you bathe without worrying about the walls around the tub getting wet.

A tub surround gives you extra storage space.

Tub surrounds often offer convenient storage options for your sponges, soaps, hair care products, and other items you might need. You can find surrounds for mobile home tubs with built-in soap dishes and caddies. Many also feature shelves and nooks for all your bath items. On the other hand, some designs don’t have any of these. They allow you to accessorize your tub surround as you wish for storage.

A tub surround is a low-cost upgrade to your home.

A mobile home tub surround lets you renovate your mobile home bathroom without a full-scale remodel. It’s way cheaper than replacing the entire tub and still gives you that newly remodeled feel each time you step in.

Mobile Home Tub Surrounds vs. Shower Surrounds

Mobile home bathtub surrounds come in various sizes. It’s one of the main concerns you’ll have as you shop around. (We’ll take a close look at it in the next section.)

As you look for the right-sized tub surround, you will notice that some seem much taller than others. That’s probably because those are shower surrounds.

A shower surround is pretty much identical to a tub surround except for the length. It has to be longer to reach down to the shower pan of a walk-in shower whereas a tub surround is shorter. It just has to make contact with the tub — the tub then covers the rest of the distance to the floor.

How to Buy Mobile Home Tub Surrounds

Here are the four main factors that will affect the kind of tub surround you buy.

What sizes do mobile home tub surrounds come in?

Mobile home tub surrounds are made to fit the rough opening that the tub is set in. That means the surround and tub will have corresponding measurements.

Bathtubs for mobile homes are typically 54” x 27” and many surrounds are made to fit these dimensions. It should also be pretty easy to find a tub surround for a corner tub in a mobile home (usually 54” x 54”).

Traditional home tubs, standard and corner, are most likely to be 60” x 32” and 60” x 60”, respectively. If you have one of these in your mobile home, you’ll have to purchase a surround that matches it.

Remember, too, that there are variations to the sizes mentioned here. Just take a look at these options from Star Mobile.

Which materials are used to make mobile home tub surrounds?

Mobile home tub surrounds are most often made of plastic/acrylic or fiberglass. These materials are very similar in many ways, although each has its advantages.

Both kinds of surrounds give you a choice of finish. Two of the common finishes you will come across are smooth or tile-look. They also come in a range of design options but you might find there are more style choices with plastic tub surrounds.

Fiberglass tub surrounds and plastic tub surrounds are both easy to install. The two types of materials are also easy to clean once you start putting your surround to use.

Both options are budget-friendly with fiberglass models being a bit higher priced. You can expect fiberglass tub surrounds to be more rigid and sturdier, too. Plus, you get more soundproofing with fiberglass. That’s good to know if you are the singing-in-the-shower type.

Should you get a surround with or without a tub?

It might be that you are OK with your current tub. It’s in good shape, and you have no reason to change it. In that case, you could choose to add a surround for its convenient features. It will also give your mobile home bathroom a more complete look and feel.

However, if you plan on getting a new tub, there are two options to keep in mind.

  1.       Purchasing a tub and a separate surround to match it.
  2.       Purchasing an all-in-one tub and shower combo. This type will be easier on your budget but may limit your choices in terms of design and style.

How many pieces do mobile home tub surrounds come in?

Tub surrounds for mobile homes are very much like the surrounds for a bathtub in a conventional home. They can be bought in a single piece or in 3- or 5-piece sections.


A 1-piece mobile home tub surround may have a more streamlined look to it. The sides flow seamlessly into each other and you don’t have to worry about getting them perfectly lined up during installation. However, a 1-piece tends to be unwieldy as you try to fit it perfectly in place.


The sections of a 3-piece or 5-piece tub surround may fit better around tubs that have many corners. That’s a definite upside of going with a mobile home bathtub surround with sections. They are also much easier to maneuver into place than a 1-piece surround. You just have to ensure that they mesh together properly to get the streamlined look of a 1-piece.

Tub Surrounds from Star Mobile!

Star Mobile Home Supply has a wide range of tub surrounds at competitive prices. Check out our online catalog for mobile home tub surrounds done in sections or as 1-piece models. We stock them in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, making it easy for you to upgrade your mobile home bathroom with a brand-new tub surround.


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