Rooftop Trailer Park: 7 ‘Mobile Home’ Penthouses for Rent

This article was originally published on dornob.

Metal, sleek and streamlined like a space ship, Airstream trailers are the ultimate classics of the modern mobile home movement – trailers that are truly treasured by those who own them. However, few are so luxuriously and uniquely decorated as this series of seven sweet suites – a series vintage examples that form the ring around the roof of a South African hotel and constituting one of the most unusual urban campgrounds ever conceived.

Billed out as high-end luxury suites, these spaces were each designed by a different local artist making every interior vastly different from the next. The Airstreams were modified, remodeled and hoisted by crane to be deposited directly on the rooftop of the Grand Daddy Hotel with minimal post-placement installation or integration required.

Purchasing a set of used trailers proved a remarkably cheap (under $200,000) way to add a great deal of additional space to a size-limited hotel building – as well as an opportunity to create an camping-and-art hotel expansion with alternative rooms to the more traditional and classy set of standard spaces in the main structure below.

A shared open-air bar and lounge area sits in the middle, making the entire ‘floor’ as much a ritzy camping experience as an exclusive, limited-space set of custom penthouse suites perfectly suited to the eccentric traveler.