4 Redesign Ideas for Your Mobile Home Bathroom

When you purchased your mobile home, you may have been able to choose some upgrades; however, it still probably looks like a factory model. One way to create a personal, custom feel is to redesign the bathroom area to make your mobile home feel more like a permanent residence. Consider these ideas to turn your mobile home into a mobile palace by redesigning the bathroom.


By adding personal items to the decor, you may be able to personalize the look to the extent that a complete remodel may not be necessary. Find framed photos or other artwork to hang on the bathroom wall using plastic hanging clips. A selection of attractive fittings such as towel holders and mirrors can also transform your bathroom quickly.

Plastic Tiling

Tiles can be purchased in large batches that can be used to transform your bathroom area. The beauty of using tiles is that you can add a personal design or pattern to provide a pleasant alternative to a single, static color.


The most obvious way of redesigning your mobile home bathroom is to paint it a different color. Individual colors can be personally requested at most good hardware stores. Some stores can sell you specialist paints for bathroom use.

Wall Paper

If there is a particular pattern that catches your eye, paper your bathroom in the same way you would a lounge or living space. Use specialist adhesive to keep the paper from peeling later due to condensation.