Advice on Renovating Your Mobile Home

Originally published on doityourself

If you have lived in your mobile home for quite a while, you might be considering expanding your living space. If you live in a mobile home park, it might present a difficulty because of the limited space involved. Additional space can be a welcome change to a cramped or tight living environment. It is often advisable to seek out some mobile home financing before you commence any work.

Structural Considerations

Determining your particular remodeling needs also entails looking at the overall structure of your mobile home. In this type of home, you do not have the same structural support that you do in a house with a basement and more solid foundation. In some cases, supports may operate from the ceiling downwards, while some mobile homes will be built without any type of structural supports at all.

Keeping the Floors and Walls Intact

When renovating your mobile home, make sure that any additions will not affect your flooring or walls in such a way as to weaken them. It is a primary consideration when doing any renovations of this type. If you should cause any openings in the walls, for instance, make sure you immediately repair them and fill them. Not only is it a matter of safety, but also a necessity to ward off wildlife.


Remember that any structural changes you make, such as tearing down a wall, can also affect the strength of the interior floor. Repair any flaws in order to properly secure the floors and walls; otherwise, your efforts could be in vain.

Adding Outside Structures

The safest way to remodel a mobile home is probably to add structures outside the home itself. For instance, a porch or carport can be included without infringing on the structural integrity of the mobile home. This inclusion can still look like it is part of the mobile home, although it’s best though to build it as a stand-alone structure so that both buildings remain strong and secure.

Adding Space in the Interior

Since a lack of space is usually the reason for most expansion projects in mobile homes, a space renovation is generally the safest and most reliable interior modification one can make. An area can be cleared by merely removing a partition in the home. It is a nice alteration, as the entire space can be opened into one room to create a feeling of overall capaciousness inside the structure.

Mobile Home Financing

If you undertake a renovation of your mobile home, you should secure a loan to finance the intended improvements. You can usually obtain a loan if your home sits on a permanent foundation. Mobile home funding normally covers the appraised value of the home as well as repair work which you facilitate on the outside as well.

Whatever route you take, just make sure you play it safe and research your options first before you get underway.