8 Home Décor Ideas to Enlarge Your Space

Originally published on mobilehomeliving by Crystal Adkins. 

Your manufactured home is your pride and joy and you can’t wait to fill it with all of the amazing decorating ideas that are rolling around in your mind. You have limited space, though, and you don’t want clutter. There are many ways that you can decorate for efficiency as well as style, incorporating the ideas that you love without sacrificing one square inch of space for something unnecessary.

You can use decor that works to open up the area and make your home feel bigger and more spacious.  Here’s 8 great manufactured home decor ideas to help you:

Paint it Bright!

Painting the walls is how almost every manufactured home decor project begins. Okay, maybe eggshell white is not the most appealing option to you, but there are other bright colors that you can choose for your new abode, that will reflect light and make your space feel open and airy. Try using different shades in different areas to create the illusion of new rooms where there are no walls.

Multifunctional Windows

Wall space may be limited but windows provide more than sunlight and a view. They bring in air and sun as well, which are essential for growing plants. Plant a small herb garden in a window box and hang it inside the house, near the kitchen. When you need herbs and spices for cooking, you can pick them right from your garden without having to go outside.

Art Isn’t Useless

Pictures in frames and works of art may seem like a waste of space, even if you love seeing them on your walls. This does not have to be the case. Hang pictures or artwork on cabinet doors. Your cabinets will be cleverly concealed and you can have the pictures that you love. If you’re handy with a paintbrush and you don’t want to conceal your cabinets, you can paint murals directly on the doors.

Make Your Furniture Work

A manufactured home décor project provides a lot of opportunities for original design. Your space can be catered to work specifically for you. Find someone who can make you custom furniture or make it on your own, if you can. Imagine a bed that floats up into the ceiling on a track in the morning and a table that folds out of the wall behind the bed. Maybe a kitchen table with leaves, that will turn it into your ideal laptop computer workstation. The possibilities are endless.

Stack it Up

The sky is the limit….or maybe the ceiling. Stack appliances in cubbyholes that stabilize them. Stack entertainment center components recessed into a wall. Your vertical space is available, so don’t forget about it!

Take it Outside

If you ever really feel like you’re getting a bit cramped or you have friends over and you just all can’t fit, utilize your yard if you have one. Manufactured home décor doesn’t end inside. If you have a yard, you have room to spare. Make this space your sanctuary. Plant a garden or add some custom furniture that matches the inside.

Make it Your Own

All in all, the most important part of manufactured home decor is to make it yours and have fun with it. Enjoy decorating your manufactured home, or redecorating if that’s what the case is. When your project is finished, it should feel like home to you no matter what part of the space you occupy. It’s yours and it should feel that way to everyone who comes inside.