Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Home Faucets

So you’re in the market for a mobile home faucet that will match your decor and have some modern conveniences? Before you hit the garages, yard sales, and Craigslist postings, take a minute to consider how many different types of faucets are available on today’s market.

There are many mobile home faucets on the market, with several configuration setups. Each has its pros and cons that may or may not make it suitable for your particular setup. Let’s look at the different mobile home faucet types available in order to find a style that best meets your needs.

Mobile Home Faucet Configurations

A lot of different types of mobile home faucets have come out in recent years, so it can be difficult to figure out which type you want or need. The first step is knowing how many and what type of sinks and shower/tub fixtures your mobile home has. 

Most mobile homes will have at least 3 faucets — kitchen sink, bathroom sink (aka lavatory), and shower/tub. If you aren’t sure about this, open up all the cabinet doors beneath each sink and look for a double pipe coming from your mobile home’s water supply line. 

Mounting Holes

Single-hole Installation

The most common configuration, the single hole is typically designed to mount on a flat surface where there are no extra holes available. That means it has to fit in an area that’s roughly 1 ¾” square (the size of the mounting hub). For this reason, you probably won’t find many faucets with bubblers, soap dispensers, or pull-out spouts in this type of installation.

Three-hole installations

Similar to kitchen sinks in homes and apartments, these types of mobile home faucet configurations allow for more convenient installation. It can still be mounted on a flat surface, but now you have two additional holes so you don’t have to pick between a pull-out spout and a soap dispenser. They can be mounted at a higher point on mobile home walls, which is an advantage if you have low water pressure or tankless water heaters located underneath mobile homes.

Mounting Surfaces

A mobile home faucet can be either deck-mounted (into a countertop or ledge behind a sink) or wall-mounted (wall above the sink or drain), so be sure to shop appropriately!

Two-handle mobile home faucets

In mobile homes, two-handle faucets are typically paired with kitchen sinks and lavatories. One handle will control hot water while a second one controls cold water. These mobile home faucet configurations also feature a greater distance between handles so people of all sizes have room to work around them. This makes it easier for seniors or those with physical disabilities to use a mobile home faucet without the worry of bumping into either side of the sink. 

Touchless mobile home faucets

The latest mobile home faucet configuration to hit the market is the touchless mobile home faucet. Just wave your hand in front of it, and hot or cold water will flow automatically through jets that are built into the faucets. As with your mobile home faucet, you can expect a sprayer to come out of one side. The only real difference between these mobile home faucets and their traditional counterparts is that they’re completely hands-free. This mobile home faucet configuration makes an excellent choice for homes where small children reside, but it can also be very useful when people with disabilities need more room around mobile home sinks.

Mobile Home Kitchen Faucets

When you think of your mobile kitchen faucet, a center or island mobile home sink is probably what comes to mind. These mobile home faucets have a central spout and a separate hot and cold handle for controlling the flow volume and temperature of the mobile home’s running water. The advantage of this mobile home faucet is its flexibility — it can be placed in any position under your mobile home mobile kitchen countertop that suits your space requirements best. 

Not all mobile homes have a dishwasher, so if you care about washing the dishes by hand, a mobile home faucet with spray is going to come in handy. They can help reduce water spots and soap scum by allowing you to first rinse through a stream of water before switching over to high pressure for actual cleaning. 

Mobile Home Lavatory Faucets

The first thing you should do is take a look at your mobile home bathroom configuration. If it has separate medicine cabinets above both lavatories, buying a two single-hole mobile home bathroom faucet might be the best choice for you. Keep in mind that if one mobile home sink is used more frequently than the others, deciding which type of configuration (traditional wall or center-mounted holes) should be a top priority.

In most mobile homes, the bathroom sink will either have two separate handles or one combined handle that controls both flow volume and temperature at the same time. 

The other configuration that you will find in some older mobile homes is one large sink with two holes for a double-handled arrangement. If your mobile home has this type of bathroom sink, then you might want to consider buying two single-handle faucets. One thing you can do if you buy two separate faucets is mount them close together so they look like a single-hole installation.

Mobile Home Shower/Bathtub Faucets

Most people don't often think about their mobile home shower faucet or mobile home bathtub faucet, but they should. A mobile home shower faucet is an important thing to have because it can help conserve water and save money on utility bills. Many of the newer models come with a low flow rate and can save up to 10 gallons per minute! 

Each type of mobile home shower faucet has its pros and cons and you must factor in any mobile home faucet replacement. It all depends on what you like as a person and your mobile home’s configuration as well as if you care about the latest trends such as a touchless mobile home shower faucet. 

Faucet Fixtures from Star Mobile Home Supply

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