Making the Most of Mobile Home Maintenance’s Prime Months

Although mobile home maintenance should be considered a year-round affair, the warmer months are most conducive to getting more done. There’s no better time to repair a mobile home roof, repaint siding, replace windows or doors, or reimagine your landscaping than spring and summer. From mandatory chores to optional investments, here are the ways you can extract the most from the season. 

Exterior mobile home maintenance

Roofing and gutters

Inclement weather can take a serious toll on roofing and gutters, throughout winter and into spring. If you live in an area vulnerable to high winds, they can undergo even more stress. Checking the roof for loose or damaged shingles should be among the first priorities on your mobile home maintenance checklist. You’ll also want to clear debris in the form of branches, leaves, seeds, and pollen from your roof, gutters, and downspouts.

Windows and doors

How are your windows and doors holding up?  Window and door screens with holes and/or tears should be replaced; cracked or loose frames may indicate the need to replace your windows or doors entirely. 


A little bit of yard work can go a long way! Rake out leaves and branches, trim and prune foliage, put down new mulch, and give your lawn some much-needed TLC — even it out, apply weed and grub killer, and (if applicable) make sure all irrigation systems are operational. 

Siding and skirting

You might start here with a bit of exfoliation — pressure washing your mobile home siding will not only have it looking a lot younger, but will also disrupt any mold growth. Cracked or split siding can be both an eyesore and an opening for the elements and pests to breach your home, so take care to reseal and recaulk where necessary. Once everything’s all sealed up, a fresh coat of weather-resistant exterior paint, which is formulated to resist water and adhered to surfaces, even in changing temperatures. It’s permanent, scuff-resistant, and won’t crack or peel. 

Mobile home skirting panels are critical to the ventilation protection of your home’s vulnerable underbelly, so make sure those are intact and installed properly as well. Regardless, check beneath your mobile home unit for signs of wear in the foundation, that it’s clear of debris, and that no vermin have taken residence. 

Interior mobile home maintenance

Spring cleaning

Modular homes deserve the same commitment to cleanliness that traditional homes do! Wait for a warm day, open the windows, turn on your ventilation systems, and:

  • Wash your curtains and dust your blinds
  • Vacuum off, under, and behind furniture
  • Clean out your pantries, cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer, discarding expired items
  • Deep clean kitchen countertops, sinks, and appliances; scrub, sweep, vacuum, and/or mop behind or underneath them where applicable. 
  • Deep clean bathroom, including removing scale and build-up in the shower
  • Steam clean carpets


Do not neglect to replace your air filter — it’s often shared between your furnace and air conditioner, so it gets dirty quick. When temperatures are at their extremes, more air is passed through vents and ducts as your HVAC units work harder, so be prepared to replace your air filter again around mid-summer. Clean out ductwork and remove any obstructions. 

As you (hopefully!) retire the furnace for the season, inspect the belt for tightness and intactness, flush any dust or debris from the system, and make sure the central pump and blower motor are properly lubricated.

Most maintenance on mobile home air conditioning units will be performed outdoors, and include steps like trimming plant growth around the base, straightening fins, and cleaning condenser and evaporator coils with a sturdy brush and cleaning solution.

Mobile home maintenance supplies from Star Mobile

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