Why Mobile Home Skylights Are A Bright Upgrade Idea

Although mobile home ownership can greatly simplify your life, there are times when your downsized domain might leave you feeling a little hemmed in. One of the most popular ways to alleviate claustrophobia is installation of a mobile home skylight. Skylights — also sometimes referred to as “roof windows” —  impart natural light without sacrificing privacy, and create the effect of a higher ceiling and consequently a more open room. Additionally, natural light has the physiological benefit of increasing serotonin levels, which is thought to improve mood and focus. So not only are skylights a popular mobile home upgrade, they may just boost your entire frame of mind.

How are mobile home skylights categorized?

As with other mobile home upgrades, there are a lot of skylight options to consider. But there are a few main ways we can categorize them.

Mechanism of operation

Mobile home skylights can either be fixed (no moving parts — solely for the passage of light) or operable (behaving in a way more befitting of the term “roof window”). Operable skylights can be opened and closed with a pole and latch mechanism or by remote control. Higher-tech models may even be programmed to open or close in tandem with external conditions (for example, opening after solar energy heats them to a certain threshold temperature or closing when rain is detected).

Installation style

There are two major mobile home skylight installation classifications, curb-mounted and deck-mounted (aka surface-mounted). Curb-mounted skylights are sometimes compared to a shoebox, with the glazing units (window panes) fit onto a boxed frame (made from wood, metal, or concrete) like a lid. Deck-mounted skylights are integrated directly into the roofing deck/surface without a separate frame. The term self-flashing means that the framing has its own built-in measures to divert water away from the roof opening. 

Shape and materials

In today’s manufactured home market, polycarbonate skylights are the most popular construction type by far. Polycarbonate is exponentially more resilient than acrylic and glass, thanks to a petrochemical called G.E. Lexan ® Resin. Most of today’s skylights consist of two panels with an insulating air layer in between, with a tinted outer panel to filter out ultraviolet (UV rays) and a clear inner panel for visibility. 

Polycarbonate skylights can come in a variety of geometries, such as flat, round, pyramidal, ridged, bubbled, or dormer-style (jutting out from the main roof). Of these, the rounded or bubbled mobile home skylight domes are among the most prevalent. 

Tubular skylights, also called sun pipes or light tunnels, are also making inroads into the market. Their flexible tunnel shafts allow for anywhere installation and their reflective prisms help maximize illumination from natural sources such as the sun or moon.

Fox Lite F Series Skylights from Star Mobile

Star Mobile Home Supplies is proud to carry Fox Lite’s F Series Double Paned Emerald Mobile Home Skylights. These deck-mounted skylights hug your roof’s contour for better energy efficiency and a more subtle profile. Their tinted outer panels almost completely screen out harmful UV rays, allowing you to enjoy the sun without straining your eyes or damaging your skin. Their domed self-flashing construction keeps moisture out so you can enjoy the sky on a rainy day and not get wet. F Series Skylights make an ideal choice for newly constructed modular homes and a great addition to existing ones. Check out our full array of sizing options (and accessories) in our online store and start living your life a little brighter. 


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